June 21, 2011


Today is double post day! Not because I didn't post a entry , but because I can't sleep and actually using this blog for it's intended purpose. Now first off I wasn't able to write up a post yesterday due to catchIng a particularly nasty virus and having to leave my computer in safemode and with the Internet turned off to prevent reinfection and for some reason my virus scan always take a ton longer in safemode vs non safemode were talking 12 hrs for a complete scan vs 28 hrs ..... SO here it is almost 5 am and I've been laying here trying to sleep for the past 4 hrs to avail.. Well I got a good topic for lateron after I got some sleep in me and my eyes cease to feel like they are having needles. Shoved thru the back of em,

So here's to another attempt at sleep
- jeb

June 18, 2011

Special Weekend Edition!

Well I usually won't make weekend posts but today's the exception to the rule. I'm at my aunts house for a BBQ , and they brought it this weird game called "Ladder Ball" , it's this PVC 3 rung ladder with a wide base on the bottom for stabiliy. The top rung is worth 1 point , the middle is 2 points ,and the bottom rung is worth 3. You throw these two golf balls connected by a nylon climbing rope at the PVC ladder setup from 15ft away , first player to 21 wins.
                                                                             The exact version of ladder ball I played
Now I found this game to be fun,and can be played with ages 5-95 I guess, cause the ball rope things are very light weight and can be disassembled for transport.

Well I'm going to go eat some mOre food.Enjoy your weekend!

Picture to follow when I'm on an actual computer

June 17, 2011

US Military certify unity technology

US Military certify unity technology

A brief note on what Unity is, a development environment for flash-like games except it supports 3D graphics a lot better, along with it being more intuitive to use then Flash,
Currently , all the only uses I have seen for unity has been games,

crashdrive-3d @ www.kongregate.com
like the one I have linked above.

Well now it turns out the Military is interested in this technology for their training simulators, using the above link you can see why. That game was produced by what i assume to be a one man team. Imagine what a development team could make.

(Unity requires instalation of the unity plug in provided here on the unity site ->

Enjoy your weekends everyone !
I'll be back on Monday!

June 16, 2011

E3 Skyrim Demo

The above is the E3 demo for Skyrim, the new Elder Scrolls game. In a sentance, I am amazed, if the graphics look like that on a 360, i can only imagine what it will look like on a decent gaming computer.My apologies to all the 360 readers, but I like PC gaming.
But I digress,It looks to me atleast like they took the best from Oblivion & Morrowind, and some new mechanics and combined it all , and gave us what looks to be an AWESOME game! I will definitely be hiding in my house and calling out sick from work for the entire week, or atleast one the release day.


June 14, 2011

Theres an App for That!

According to the Escapist,
when Apple means "Theres an App for That!" there is truth to the slogan. The United States Military has developed an App on the IPhone to teach its Patriot Missile crews.

It seems that as technology becomes further and further ingrained in our lives, a shift away from traditional booklearning is taking place.

- Jeb

Sickeness, inactivity, recovery

Im Back All, the reason for the month+ worth of inactivity is cause I had to go to the hospital for rust poisoning , then ended up with a flu.... and ive finally been able to drag my self from the bed to the computer desk to post something.. More posts are on the way, once i think up some random stuff...

Edit: Rust poisoning=Tetanus