March 9, 2011

American Pie

What follows is the explanation of what American pie means (in bullet list form). Could be right or could be wrong but it makes sense to me. It may shed some light on what some of the symbolic line means.


Notes on symbols in American pie

Queen= Little Richard
Jester= Bob Dillion
Civil rights - folk music
Cuban missile crisis -war and peace
Music delt with issues of the time
Mick Jagger- jumpin jack flash
Devil= rolling stones( Mick Jagger)
Youth culture changes into drug culture
Sweet perfume -weed
Lady who sang the blues, ....turned away - Janice Joplin ( who died of a drug od)
Father son holy ghost (buddy holly and people who died with him)
took the last train to the coast(death)
American pie chorus = classic middle America during 1950's

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