June 21, 2011


Today is double post day! Not because I didn't post a entry , but because I can't sleep and actually using this blog for it's intended purpose. Now first off I wasn't able to write up a post yesterday due to catchIng a particularly nasty virus and having to leave my computer in safemode and with the Internet turned off to prevent reinfection and for some reason my virus scan always take a ton longer in safemode vs non safemode were talking 12 hrs for a complete scan vs 28 hrs ..... SO here it is almost 5 am and I've been laying here trying to sleep for the past 4 hrs to avail.. Well I got a good topic for lateron after I got some sleep in me and my eyes cease to feel like they are having needles. Shoved thru the back of em,

So here's to another attempt at sleep
- jeb


  1. Heh, nothing like a good virus to give you an even better headache.

  2. I hope you get rid of the virus and get some sleep!

  3. Oh boy, I hate when i can't sleep. It happens anoyingly frequently, btw.


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