March 12, 2011



If you insist on asking the UN for a "no fly zone over Libya" realize who is going be the one enforcing most of the zone, The US. Now you hate the United States for shoving our way into everyone else's business then bitch and moan about that, but then later ask us, by proxy mind you, to help you out with something such as a "no Fly Zone". Make up your mind. We either can stay to ourselves like Ive heard many wish we would, or we can stay involved in everyone's business and help everyone out. World, The choice is yours.


Post rage edit: With a exception of our British allies, Usually when the UN needs something enforced it usually falls mostly on to Americas plate


  1. If you have a war, people are gonna die.

  2. Jeb I am going to have to disagree with you on this. The RAF are awesome at this kind of mission, and have a history and skill set to patrol this zone. The RAF operates 1,114 aircraft (2010) and, as of late 2009, had a total manpower strength of 44,300 regular,[1] and 2,500 volunteers. The majority of the RAF's aircraft and personnel are based in the UK with many others serving on operations (principally Afghanistan and the Middle East) or at long-established overseas bases (Ascension Island, Canada, Cyprus, Diego Garcia, Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands and Germany).

  3. I think for the most part people do not want the U.S in Libya for a majority of reasons, you probably already know. But at the same time people should not be flying over an area that has an armed conflict. If it was possible to have a "no fly zone" where the U.S was not the enforcer. I am sure many countries would be happy.

  4. @hnrroberts I know you guys are dam good fighters, just it seems when ever someone wants something done it normally is dropped into our lap.

    @ disposedcheese I'd be perfectly fine if we stayed out of libya all together and just watched from the sidelines, but im preety sure its not going to happen. The Un is going to setup a no fly zone and we are probly going to end up with some share in enforcing it.

    bottom line,

    I'd love to stay out of libya , but I dont for-see it happening

  5. I, as an American, wish our government would stay out of everyone else's business. I don't enjoy being hated for things that I have no control over.


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