June 17, 2011

US Military certify unity technology

US Military certify unity technology

A brief note on what Unity is, a development environment for flash-like games except it supports 3D graphics a lot better, along with it being more intuitive to use then Flash,
Currently , all the only uses I have seen for unity has been games,

crashdrive-3d @ www.kongregate.com
like the one I have linked above.

Well now it turns out the Military is interested in this technology for their training simulators, using the above link you can see why. That game was produced by what i assume to be a one man team. Imagine what a development team could make.

(Unity requires instalation of the unity plug in provided here on the unity site ->

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  1. Wow the Military? That's actually interesting lol.

  2. Haha the Military always snatches up promising technologies, hell GPS came to be because some random students found a way of tracking Sputnick with a little time and some old computers haha

  3. Sweet, i never expected that from them. Lets see whats coming up!

  4. It's amazing what we can do with technology nowadays.

  5. Unity is the great underdog of this generation of browser plugins. I can't wait for it to be popular.


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