March 10, 2011


Musicians as a profession have one of the highest deathrates of any profession out there. But due to the lack of statistic tracking, they never appear on any infographics like the following one for the year of 2009.

In the chart above, its written as Fishing,Logging,Pilots& Flight Engineers have the highest chance of dying on the job.

But looking at history, look back at all the stars from the 50's to the 80's. How many of them are still around today? Not many at all. Just a couple of notable names,that I can remember ,who died from activities linked to their professions.

James Dean - Died from car crash(icon from the 1950's)
Johnny Cash - Attacked by ostrich,(didn't die, just thought it was funny he got attacked by one)
Jimi Hendrix - Died from overdose
Elvis Presley - Died from overdose

In the middle of searching for more names and causes of deaths, I stumbled across this website.

Average age upon death of Rock Star - 36.9 Years.
Average age upon death of American Citizen - 75.8 Years.

So here ends my rambling for this evening,Just some food for thought before the next celebrity dies.


  1. This was actually a pretty interesting read, and its sad that musicians dont get added as, well, a real job. They all die so early because the musician life style is one of not being healthy, and just having fun, but i guess that is one of the downsides of being a musician. I'm sure not having health insurance, or a union they can go to doesn't help!

  2. who woulda thought? i guess i see how its possible. most musicians are extremely rich (od on drugs) or extremely poor (poor living conditions)

  3. Thank god Justin bieber and Miley will only have a shell life of about half the age of american citizens.

  4. Well history does repeat itself look what happened with Britney spears, at one point she was a Disney backed artist at one point


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